How to keep little guests happy (and quiet) during your wedding ceremony

One of the biggest joys of having a wedding is bringing together friends and family from all parts of your life together to celebrate.

But what if your guests include babies and children? How do you keep them happy, quiet and content during your wedding ceremony?

As a celebrant who works with children, here are my top tips for a smooth child-friendly wedding if you are having babies and children as guests.

Tell the Parents the Plan

Your family and friends will want you to have the best day ever, including the parents of any little guests.

By telling the parents the order of what is happening in your ceremony, they can use their parental know-how to keep their child quiet and happy during the key moments, and also know the points where a little fidget would probably be fine (like during a hymn or song).

Seating with an Escape Plan

You can't tell babies not to cry, and toddlers are free spirits. Make sure guests with very little ones are seated at the ends of aisles or in seats that have a clear and easy route to the exit.

That way they will be confident to make a speedy exit in case of a crying baby or a toddler tantrum.

Set Positive Expectations

Toddlers and little kids have very short attention spans, and very hungry tummies! Phones and snacks may help your younger guests be present and content.

Mention to parents ahead of the day that you understand that their little one may need be on a phone silently during the ceremony, even if you are ‘unplugged’

Consider providing little boxes of raisins or other quiet snacks to prevent hunger tantrums or parents having to reach for the crinkly crisp packets during your moment.

And rules where needed

Most bigger kids and teens do not need to be scrolling during the ceremony - they concentrate at school for long periods and can easily save watching the latest TikTok until after the ceremony. A nicely worded section in your invite about wanting an ‘unplugged ceremony’ will make sure parents know your expectations.

Just be aware that older neuro-diverse or disabled children may have different needs and some leniency on any boundaries you set for them to be able to be welcomed, included, enjoy and and be a part of your special day.

Busy Hands and Busy Minds

Children love spotting things, and it can keep them busy, happy and engaged in your ceremony.

Try creating a ceremony I Spy Tick Sheet that they can complete during the ceremony. Make sure to include things in your venue to spot, as well as moments in the ceremony, such as the entrance of the bride, the rings, and of course, the first kiss!

Remember to provide a pencil!

Don’t Worry About A Thing

Don't be anxious or worry about having children or babies at your ceremony.

On the day itself the focus will be entirely on you and your partner and the room will be full of joy and happiness. Everyone will be on your side, wanting you to have the best day of your life.

Whether your little guests are babies or teens, with a warm welcome and a small bit of planning and understanding, your wedding ceremony will be perfect in every way.


If you are interested in finding out more about having a celebrant led wedding ceremony I would love to hear from you!

It would be an honour to be a part of your special day and create your perfect ceremony.