Poppy Walker Children's Celebrant. A boy and girl age 8 are dancing in confetti as it falls down onto them. There are blue and pink balloons and bunting in the background.

More Ceremony Ideas

The possibilities are endless.

Would you like to do something different for your baby shower and have a celebrant led ceremony? Or perhaps you would like to celebrate your child reaching adulthood with a coming of age event? Perhaps you have an idea for a pregnancy gender reveal ceremony? Maybe your child is transgender and transitioning and you would like a ceremony to mark this momentous occasion? Or perhaps your child has reached a milestone in their lives that is cause for celebration?

I would love to work with you.

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Poppy Walker Children's Celebrant. Against a colourful wooden wall, a headshot of Poppy the celebrant looking over her shoulder, resting her head on her chin.

What are you waiting for? I'd love to discuss your ideas.

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