As the spring naming ceremony season is in full swing, I thought I would share the trends that families are choosing for their special day in 2024.

Garden Ceremonies

Taking it outside is definitely seeing a rise in popularity, with many families choosing to host their naming day celebrations in their garden. This is not only a brilliant way to save money on venue costs, but also creates a wonderful and relaxed environment that your littlest guests will feel calm and happy in during the ceremony. But do remember that the British weather is terribly unpredictable, so make sure you have a backup option in case it starts to drizzle. 

Fingerprint Trees

These beautiful creations are made by guests pressing their finger in ink, and then leaving a fingerprint leaf on a tree drawn on a piece of paper. Depending on the number of guests you have, you could even include the making of the fingerprint tree as part of the ceremony.  Fingerprint trees make lovely keepsakes, either displayed in a frame or as part of a memory box. 

Relaxed Ceremonies

I am having a lot of requests for a more “relaxed” style of ceremony, stepping away from the formalities and instead creating an accessible and inclusive event. Relaxed does not mean “casual”, “informal” or “not special”. Instead it means thinking outside the box to create ceremonies that are welcoming, not stuffy, and most importantly, enjoyable for both grown ups and little ones. 

Combined Naming Ceremony and First Birthday Celebration

Double the occasion, double the celebration! Lots of families are opting to have a joint naming and first birthday celebration for their little ones. Marking those important milestones with your tiny toddlers is a joy, and you can really make it special by combining their first birthday party with their naming day celebrations. 

Sibling Ceremonies

Have more than one child? Consider a sibling naming ceremony. These are beautiful occasions as they really do become a family affair. Full of love and joy, these are becoming a very popular option for those with older children, multiples or larger families. 

Custom Poems

I’ve recently worked with lots of families who chose to have personalised custom poetry as part of their ceremony, and the personal touch was such a wonderful addition to the day. As a celebrant I can craft you a one-of-a-kind poem that you can treasure. Poems I have written to date include a poem about family made entirely of Disney Quotes, a poem for a little sister, and an adaptation of a special and treasured nursery rhyme to include the names and details of the family.